Forget seen and not heard

Teenagers...Bind and gag them all!

Politicians...Bind and gag them all!

You ever notice how many similarities there are between teenagers and politicians that make them so unlikable?

For instance...

The complete lack of respect for authority
Sex is in the forefront of their thoughts
A complete and total God complex
They have a lie or excuse for everything
They think they know more and are smarter than you are

I am sure there are a hundred more (if not thousands) of other similarities, this is only tip of the iceberg.

Please discuss other similarities and post up those comments!


  1. Let's see here...

    They will both empty your wallet faster than a trip to Vegas.

    Both have endless appetites and no sense of responsibility.

    Getting them out of their respective houses are nearly impossible.

    They regularly abuse those they need the most (parents/voters).

    They never do their homework.

    Their opinions change depending on to whom they are speaking.

    Neither has ever held an honest job.

    I could go off on this all day, but I leave some for others to chime in with.