A time to fight and a time to walk away...

A few years ago I fought to lose weight and I did, 87 pounds worth. I kept it off for a couple years but now it is time to walk away from that success and let my body live comfortably at what ever weight it feels best at. I am giving up the fight, in fact I am setting a new goal, a realistic and attainable goal, I am once again going to be fat. The way I see it...it is much easier on me to hate myself fat than love myself thin. I am lazy by nature and should learn to deal with the consequence of that lifestyle choice. So the time to fight has passed and now it is time to walk away...who am I kidding there will be very little walking, mostly just some sitting my fat ass on the couch. Now where did I put those damn Doritos!

In light of this new goal of mine there will probably be some fat jokes coming soon!

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